Creating a Successful Booster Club

Creating a Booster Club

Today, our episode is brought to you by OneHope Wines.

For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ONEHOPE wants to give moments of hope to families impacted by breast cancer. That’s why we’re partnering with Susan G. Komen to support their mission to find the cures for breast cancer. Shop our fundraiser and help us reach our goal of donating $50,000 to this incredible organization.

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Annie & I are proud of the impact we've been able to make buy purchasing our wine from OneHope. It’s really amazing to be part of a movement to make giving back part of what you do every day. Order from the link in our show notes, to get your wine and give back.

This Week, our episode is also sponsored by As a musical theatre teacher and movement coach, I wear a lot of yoga clothes. If you’re like me, you have to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. YogaClub is the premier active-wear subscription box that styles you for at least 50% off retail prices so you can look good and feel good for less.

Complete your profile by taking our fun and interactive style quiz. Your answers let our stylists know your style, sizes, and favorite ways to sweat.

Using your unique profile, our stylists will curate an outfit that matches your personality, body type, and is perfect for the activities you love! Enjoy your new outfit delivered for at least 50% off retail. You won't find deals this good anywhere else!

Afterpiece listeners can have an extra $10 off when you use the code TEACH at checkout. and use the code Teach at checkout.

For copy of Booster Club Bylaws email


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